Crane and auger manufacture

About Us

«Jinji Heavy Industry Co., Ltd» is the successor of a well-known South Korean company «Asia Pacific Enterprise Co., Ltd», dedicated to extend their traditions. The main specialization remains the same - Manufacture of high-grade lifting and drilling equipment. «Jinji» in Korean stands for - honestly, seriously and responsibly. Production rearrangement, upgrading of engineering and technical resources, the work aimed at improving the quality according to collected reclamations of our clients, - all that factors have allowed to increase our equipment lifetime and have managed to fully justify our new concept of «Jinji» - honesty, seriousness and responsibility in work with our partners and customers.s

«Jinji Heavy Industry Co., Ltd» manufacturing enterprise , have a wide range of crane and earth drill models, branded as HOTOMI, and is willing to offer you a choice set of machinery that perfectly meets your tasks. Our production has established itself a long time ago and has found its consume niche. Our machinery distribution and working area extends to the countries of the Customs Union zone and Southeast Asia


Production of the reliable and efficient machinery aimed to meet the needs of energy and construction services markets, with continuous evolving own technology.


Leadership tussle to head the market of lifting and drilling equipment of the Customs Union countries and Southeast Asia.


Attention to customers. Only customers make the company exist. Only a careful study of our customer’s needs enables us to respond quickly to their requirements. We evolve with our customers and for our customers.


Best result through persistent technology improvement.