Crane and auger manufacture
  • HOTOMI AUGER LS 1030 Auger crane

    The knuckle boom allows for using the entire working radius most effectively with any tilt angles for drilling tools as well as performing ground pressure through separate hydraulic cylinder by the entire effective area of the piston.

  • Negative boom tilt angle inherited by Hotomi cranes:

    - Putting a craddle directly onto the ground in purpose of entering and exitting of workers.
    - Ease of maintenance.
    - Drilling with the standard drilling tool? Without the extension rods.

  • Improved column rotation gear

    Full range of HOTOMI machinery is equipped with improved column rotation gears which are notable by increased wear resistance and a large margin of safety in case of overload. The slewing bearing and the drive gear shaft are made of high-strength alloy steel.

  • Safety devices on HOTOMI machinery

    All models produced under HOTOMI brand are equipped with proper apparatus and devices in full compliance with the requirements of safe operation of lifting and drilling equipment.

Lifting and drilling equipment and machinery manufactured by HOTOMI Co.Ltd is well proven throughout many years to be a reliable tool in solving the whole range of tasks by companies engaged in energy construction and other construction industries. All of our products conform the safety standards and are provided by international certificates.

The area where our pruducts are present and are being operated, spreads over European and Asian parts of Russian Federation. Also Hotomi manufacturer is well known in the CIS and SouthEast Asia. Our machinery has managed to find its consume niche and earn some credibility among the big energy and construction companies and small companies dedicated to low-cost expenses.

Our company managed to establish dealerships throughout the years of supplying our machinery to the energy and construction services markets of the Customs Union zone and Southeast Asia thus greatly facilitating the interaction between the end customer and the manufacturer. Our dealers are engaged in selling our production and providing high-quality service of the HOTOMI machinery and equipment. They have spare parts warehouses and provide full information for operating organizations and potential customers.

These are distinctive features HOTOMI brand is known for:

  • A wide range of lifting and drilling machinery which makes feasible to find solutions perfectly suiting your needs;
  • The universality which is inherent to base models of our machinery, allows you to expand the technical capabilities via equipping our products with attachments if required, and thereby to extend the range of operations;
  • High efficiency and resistance to extreme conditions has been confirmed during multiple exercises of HOTOMI products in areas of low temperatures and frozen ground in the Russian far north.



10 years

in the lifting an drilling machinery markets


3 dealerships

in the SouthEastern Asia and CU zone


Over 1000 units

has been produced and sold

Our products are used by